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Home Sweet Home reablementOndie Woods Total Fitness

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Welcome to BEAT IT
Cancer exercise rehab – because you can

As a level 4 cancer rehab exercise specialist, personal / fitness trainer and Senior Occupational Therapist with over 20 years experience each, we understand that the one size fits all approach to exercise does not work.

We are proud to be the first company in Essex, to provide regular, ongoing, specialist exercise classes specifically for those diagnosed with cancer. Whether your goal is to get back to work, to feel confident in carrying out everyday activities, to return to your fitness training, or you just want the social support that a group exercise class can bring, we guarantee a happy, fun, positive, friendly environment for everyone, no matter what level of recovery you are at.

Together we will help you improve your strength, range of movement, energy levels and mental well-being along with words of encouragement and support from fellow members. We will help you feel more like you again and gain some control back in your life.

Classes will be opening up around Essex for all ages, sexes, abilities, levels of recovery, shapes and sizes.

Ondie Woods

Class details

Every Thursday

Circuit Class
Leigh Community Centre,
71-73, Elm Road,
Leigh-on-Sea, Essex SS9 1SP

Tel: 07914 334 741

Thursdays 11.30am – 12.30pm
£5.00 per class – paid weekly

Wear comfortable clothing and supportive trainers. Please bring towel and drink and any relevant medication.

Phone to book a place – spaces are limited


In June 2013 I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 45. Everything happened rather quickly and I had a successful lumpectomy and then a course of radiotherapy. I consider myself very lucky how well everything has gone. However I was unprepared for the impact the operation would have on the movement of my arm and its strength. This is where Beat-it has really helped. On my first visit I was like a little wounded bird gingerly moving my arm around. (Convinced I would come undone). Ondie keeps a firm but friendly eye on everyone, making sure you push yourself when needed, or rein yourself in, if getting carried away.

It is time for me to return to my pre-cancer life as though this was some sort of weird four month break I know without this wonderful class I would not have managed to do so well. It's really good to meet other people in the same boat and share their experiences. So a big thank you to Ondie, Miranda and my class mates, I think Beat-it should be country-wide.

Shelley Howard

I sought Ondie a short time after finishing treatment for breast cancer. I had just endured eight months of turmoil, physically & emotionally. Two surgical operations, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and ongoing medication for the next five years. I had always been an active person, a dancer and teacher, I walk and cycle regularly, have practiced Pilates for many years and I think my general fitness helped me deal with the rigours of the treatment. However, I was unprepared for how 'beat up' my body felt afterwards. Specifically with concern for the dysfunction of my arm following total lymph node clearance.

I knew that exercise would help me but was frankly scared as to how to proceed without hurting myself. Ondie trained me one to one for several weeks and showed me carefully and with expert knowledge that I could regain strength, mobility and functionality. She takes enormous care to completely understand an individuals physical problems and works with flawless technique and expertise.

Best of all – despite it sometimes being really hard – it is fantastic fun! Ondie has a great sense of humour and I'm completely hooked on the challenge of pushing myself to a level of fitness I thought unattainable.

I will be forever grateful to Ondie for helping me. It is a privilege to know and train with her.


I am an infant school teacher, Ondie comes to our school once a week to run a fitness class for staff. I had been going for three years , when in November 2010 I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

To say my world came crashing down on myself and my family would have been an understatement. I began the round of tests, examinations and unbearable waiting for results. I had an operation in late November 2010, followed by radiotherapy treatment in January/February 2011, as well as beginning a five year course of Tamoxifen. On my return to school in March 2011, after a four month absence, various associated health issues plagued me. Eventually I March 2012, after an ‘all clear’ mammogram result, I felt that maybe I could begin the fitness classes again.

That first day when I walked into the hall after so long, was a scary experience. My body had let me down, I was still feeling vulnerable and in many ways unsure of myself. Ondie was pleased to see me and after a big hug I told her of my worries. Ondie spent some time talking to me and finally said ”Chris you can do it!” Those words meant a lot to me and for the first time I believed I could. By the end of the class I felt amazing. The encouragement and sensitivity I received meant that although I came in with my head bowed, when I had finished my head was held high. Ondie told me that my body language had changed, I had a smile on my face and I was walking tall again!

This was the beginning of my road back to feeling fit. Each week since then Ondie has been attentive, motivating and even tailored some of the exercises to help aid my recovery. Each week I have felt stronger and more determined. In early April 2012 I began attending Ondie’s Aerobics/ boxercise class on a Monday night as well. Again Ondie has been full of encouragement and praise while pushing me just that little bit more. She has recently told me that she thinks I am more fit than I was before I was diagnosed. I honestly feel she is right.

Ondie has been fantastic and it has meant a lot to me that she cares so much and believes in me. Ondie told me I can do it, and I can.

Chris Knight
Infant School Teacher

  • Mens Circuit Training, Tuesdays
  • Mens Circuit Training, Tuesdays
  • Waitrose community matters cheque for £605.00
  • The Beat-it Class 2013


For information please contact:

Miranda Blackstone-Cobbe

Mobile | 07531 652250

Email |

Web |

For information please contact:

Ondie Woods

Phone | 01702 476 723

Mobile | 07870 441 158

Email |

Web |

Meet the instructors

Ondie Woods

Ondie Woods

Ondie Woods

Ondie Woods

Ondie Woods

Cancer Rehab Exercise Specialist

Ondie is the proprietor of Ondie Woods Total Fitness, started in 1990. Royal Ballet and martial arts trained, Ondie has been teaching for 25 years and training in all aspects of fitness for 42 years. She is a fully qualified Personal Trainer and G.P.Referral instructor, training all kinds of clients with different injuries and conditions.


Exercise Type Examining Body
Level 4 Cancer Rehab Exercise Specialist Canrehab
Assessor in Active Leisure YMCA
Older Adults YMCA
Aerobics – Exercise To Music YMCA
Advanced Gym YMCA
Circuit-Training YMCA
Boxercise Boxercise®
Cardio-Kick YMCA
Strike YMCA
Self-Defence Instructor
Core Stability YMCA
Training In Different Environments – Outdoor Training YMCA
Personal Trainer Award YMCA
G.P. Referral Instructor YMCA
Medical Conditions,
Medications and Exercise
Benefits For G.P Referred Clients
Lifestyle and Behaviour
Change For G.P. Referred Clients
Designing and Co-ordinating Physical Activity Programmes For G.P. Referred Clients YMCA
Client Lifestyle and Fitness Testing YMCA
Nutrition and Weight Management YMCA
Running YMCA
PT Padwork YMCA
Business and Marketing YMCA

Miranda Blackstone-Cobbe

Miranda Blackstone-Cobbe

Miranda Blackstone-Cobbe


Miranda Blackstone-Cobbe

Senior Occupational Therapist

Miranda chose the career of Occupational Therapy having helped nurse her father through 30 years of Parkinsons Disease and supported her family with all the issues that arise when caring for a sick relative. She has a vast range of knowledge covering most medical conditions having worked in the NHS as a Senior Therapist for many years.

Miranda runs her own company called Home Sweet Home Reablement which, through the provision of equipment, rehabilitation and care, enables the elderly members of the population to remain in their own homes and live as independently as possible, for as long as possible.

Miranda prides herself on looking at the person, not the illness and always personalises any treatment plan to the individual, ensuring it works for them. Above all Miranda feels the most important qualification that she has achieved is the understanding of people and their needs, which she has gained through life experience and her work.


Course Examining Body
B.S.c (Hons)
Occupational Therapy
British Association of Occupational Therapists (BAOT)
Manual Handling Adviser
First Aider
CPR Trained
Wheelchair Assessor
Risk Assessor
Dementia Trained
Equipment Assessor/Provider
MCA Trained