Why are the OWTF classes so different?

The classes are a fusion of everything Ondie has ever trained in. She pulls techniques from dance, martial arts, and the depth of physical fitness knowledge attained in her 28 year career.

There are no monotonous routines week after week that you can find in many of franchised classes. Ondie’s skills in choreography means her classes are unique and adaptable to the particular class. Nothing is for show, there is thought and reason for all elements of the class.

The classes are friendly, fun and held in comfortable non-intimidating environments. The attendees are all shapes, sizes, sex and ages. Even different level of abilities can come together. If you are a novice or a fitness enthusiast, there is something for you as Ondie is able to offer different levels of training depending on the specific needs.

You will find no posers or cliques in her classes, just like minded individuals who want to train, and have some fun!